Saturday, February 23, 2008

I just got fabulous news from DS's tutor. I received a call from her last night to report 1Kid's dad called to cancel the session, because 1Kid "didn't have anything to do," despite carrying a 1.67 (4.0 being tops) average. Dad got an earful and took him over. Anyway, 1Kid's tutor said that last night, HE took the initiative to ask her if she would work with him on her computer with his school's grading site (the site where his grades and assignments are posted and to work with him getting it all together with his agenda, organization, etc. a HUGE step for him, and I got goosebumps and tears started rolling when she was telling me this. I think the time is here for him to realize he's got a lot to loose if he does not get motivated and take the steps needed with his agenda and assignments, tho the work he does and turns in is absolutely fabulous, his missing assignments have brought him down sooooo very far. He already got a letter from the track coach that he's off the team if he doesn't get grades up - by today, and he has an interview next week with the head of the teen workshop program that he attended last summer, only as a peer leader. He needs to keep a C average, and I told him that they are looking for leaders that are responsible, and grades are the best indicator of the kind of person they are looking for. So, this week must have gotten the cogs turning. She didn't do anything different than what I do when I work with him, but it's coming from someone else, which is what he needs, and he was very brave and vulnerable to ask for help (male ego??). I had earlier today also called the agency to see about arranging an ADHD coach, but with his motivation and some of the executive functions starting to come in and work for him, perhaps he may not need it.

I am very happy and so proud of 1Kid

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